Bible Talk 5/23 – What/Who is the Holy Spirit?

This question is not so obviously answered as you might have thought.  But when God created man, there was something hidden in him, a force even he couldn’t recognize or begin to fathom in life. It was his true self; it was his soul. Now God had created many souls before He created man. These were the first angels. In truth, before God created Man, the Holy Spirit existed in Heaven as one of these first angels. The angel form of God. 

Around 2000 years ago, when God created His body through Mary the virgin, the Holy Spirit itself was given as the Soul for the baby; who was to become Jesus Christ. So who is the Holy Spirit? The holy Spirit is literally Jesus Christ’s Soul.

Praise the holy trinity:

Jesus Christ (the body)

Holy Spirit (the soul)

Father (the creator of all)

This is something that a lot of followers of Christ/God don’t realize. All of those going to Heaven, that are currently on Earth, are angel souls in human bodies. We weren’t there in the beginning, but we will be in the kingdom of God forever and ever.

All the praise to God!


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