Bible Verse of the Week- Mark 7:15

“There is nothing from without a man, that entering him can defile him: rather the things coming out of a man are the things which defile him.”

We must remember that no matter what we are going through we must remain vigilant. Things can, and are going to go wrong eventually as no one lives a perfect life, and we don’t live in a perfect world. But when they do go wrong, and something bad happens to you, it is necessary that you stay on your guard so that nothing coming out of you ruins your good name in the grace of God. 

God loves when we are tested in tribulation and overcome; we overcome, especially in situations where the outcome is beyond our control, by watching what we say, think, and do in response to suffering or trial. In any situation there are only two things you can do in response if you are unhappy with it: change it, or accept it. The things we change, we then have to live with those choices. The things we accept, we have to believe it is God’s gift; that we are stuck with this situation because it will allow us to become better people, or will allow us to evolve for the better in some way.

But the things that come out of us will surely change the world in a positive or negative way. If we want this world to be a better place, we must make sure we are not outputting a bunch of negative. We must control our emotions and have patience because God is in complete control. We will see lost loved ones again, be given more than was ever stollen from us, and all of our good actions will not go unnoticed in God’s eyes.

God Bless you for reading this, our verse of the week. For more, follow me both here and on twitter. @WordofGodWrite


1 thought on “Bible Verse of the Week- Mark 7:15”

  1. The food that goes into us is part of God’s creation. That which was created by God is good, therefore it cannot defile us. Right? But the evil things are not from God, so those things (see verse 21) can defile us.
    Keep up the good work, Stephen. Immerse all of your studies in prayer.


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