Prayer of the Week – A Symbolic prayer for the Holy Spirit

“As the grass hides in the winter, under a blanket of snow, 

Upon me I ask you to throw a white cloth God, a cloth that burns like a light in the darkness

White in intensity, and pure of nature, lest my troubles find me here.

Forget not my family, and all of Your children; both great and small.

For the littlest among us are in need of your greatness the most.

Let the cloth hide us from our enemies, and blind the devils wiles,

Let the cloth be like armor, both strong and flexible, 

Let it drown our sorrows, wipe away our sin, and make us whole again,

Let it give us a future, where none can be found without it,

Let it hold our memories, though we have forgotten, 

Holy Spirit, you are my Soul’s garments, you are my cloth.

You hide us from our enemies, so that we are safe in your embrace,

You are like armor, unmoving yet understanding of our sin,

You drown our sorrows in Holy waters, erasing all transgressions,

You give us a future, You give us a purpose,

You remember all, so you can never forget how much I love You.

Be peace and Glory to You!”



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