Why Have Faith? God and otherwise

I get asked this sometimes, “Why do you have faith in God? Why do you have faith in God when so much can be proved by science?” But the truth is science is even more proof of God. The fact that everything makes sense and everything has a purpose, allows you to realize that “Hey, this has to have a creator!” This world only had one chance to create itself, and if the universe really is infinite size, that means it had one chance to get everything right. The law of gravity, the size of the earth in comparison to creation, the distance of the Sun and moon from the Earth, Earths perfect rotation around the Sun, the law of attraction, how bonds either combine or reject based on negativity and positivity. 

But anyway, back to my main point, why have faith? Well, everyone has faith because faith doesn’t just tie to religion. You can wake up one day and realize that you have faith (hope) that you will get a pay raise, or that the girl of your dreams will finally talk to you. You could have faith that your going to get that big screen HDTV you’ve always wanted. So you see, faith is almost an emotion, and it is imprinted in all of us. It is such a strong state of being that no one, not the homeless man down the street, or even your neighbors can honestly say they have never felt it. 
And since it is unavoidable and placed in all of us, what is the single greatest thing to have faith in? The answer is God! If there is a God, he gave us existence, and placed us in charge of this world. But he also wants us to be ourselves and prove ourselves. Prove that we are good beings, that we can have faith and wrap our minds around something more than this selfish world. When the time is right, our faith will be rewarded, and even most of those that don’t have faith will find out the truth. 

Have Faith in our Lord, and don’t forget the sacrifices He has made for us. He could’ve created anyone, but He chose you. Live in his will. God Bless! 


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