Devotion of the week – A prayer for someone else!

The day before Jesus Christ was hung on the cross, he turned to his disciples and said “Pray!”  Prayer is more powerful than most people realize because God works good in this world all the time, despite nobody seeing it. He may not answer your prayers today, but one thing you must know about God is that He doesn’t ignore you at all. He may not even talk to you directly, but a lot of the time He will give you ideas without you even realizing it. So if you pray to Him, maybe He can help you help yourself, or somebody else help themselves.

There is another thing you must know about God, and that is He knows everything you are going to say before you say it. Indeed even before He created you, He knew everything you were ever going to go through and every thought you were going to have. But it helps if God hears you say what you want often because it shows that you are willing not to give up on your own wishes or the wishes of your brothers and sisters.

This week is all about prayer for someone else. When you’re laying there one night this week, trying to fall asleep, say a simple prayer for someone else. Even one person. If you don’t know what to say, say this:

“God, I ask that you guide “—” in all of their troubles;

Allow them to follow your path and become better people

so that when they are finally ready for you, they have the strength to rise up to Heaven.”


Just something simple like that. Not too hard and it means a lot to God to hear your voice actually talking to Him and knowing that you care for others just as much or more than you care for yourself.